Winery Visit – Pleasant View Vineyards

Our last winery stop in the Cortez area was at Pleasant View Vineyards. Here we were welcomed by owners, Elizabeth and Allan Bleak, who are the nicest people you would ever want to meet. Their warmth, hospitality and graciousness made us feel right at home, which is a good thing since we noticed Elizabeth toting a 357 magnum. But don’t let that scare you….that’s for the mountain lions and other predator animals that live in the area, not the guests!

The vineyard and their home is 8+ miles outside of Pleasant View and the back way into Hovenweep National Monument. Pleasant View doesn’t have an actual tasting room, but they are working in that direction with a grocery store in town and possibly offering tasting samples at the local Farmers Market.

When we arrived the Bleaks were pruning and tending to their 10+ acres of vines. Their vineyard sits in a little micro-climate, and they are able to grow a variety of grapes. We only tasted their Chardonnay, as we had a 7 hour drive back to Denver, and it was absolutely delicious! In fact, Pleasant View just received a bronze medal for their Chardonnay at the Governor’s Cup Colorado Wine Competition. I think we will be seeing a lot more from Pleasant View Vineyards in the near future.

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