Winery Visit – Water2Wine – DTC

If you are looking for something to do on a Wednesday evening, Water2Wine – DTC is your answer. Every Wednesday evening for just one low price you can sample as many wines as you want (should…remember about drinking and driving safely!) as well as enjoy delicious food and listen to good music. They also have a new “Art Uncorked” series where you can sample wine and paint at the same time. Their website lists all the events this winery hosts.

Water2Wine – DTC is a little different than what you might expect from a “normal” winery…if there is such a thing. They make their own wine, under their own label, using grapes from 13 different countries. In addition, you can also make your own wine, under your own label. I had a chance to look at their scrapbook of labels and each one is unique. The labels and the reason for making one’s own wine ranges from weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, to corporate events to holidays.

Owner, Marcus Tipton and his “right hand gal” Dede are very helpful in making your experience a positive one. With so many wines to choose from, they can provide valuable knowledgeable about the various wines. The interior is very relaxing…you can sit at the bar, a cocktail table or sit in the relaxing couches and chairs. They have a Groupon deal coming soon with a discount on making your own wine. I tried their Nebbiolo, which was an excellent combination of  light tannin and fruit.

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