My book appears on Channel 7 News

June 6, 2012 was an exciting day for Exploring Colorado Wineries guidebook! The book and three bottles of wine made their own appearance on Channel 7 News. The wines were from Balistreri Vineyards, Boulder Creek Winery and Creekside Cellars.

Pat Miller, aka The Gabby Gourmet, who endorsed my book has a Wednesday segment with Bertha Lynn on Channel 7 News. Gabby, who normally reviews restaurants, featured cookbooks on her June 6 segment and asked if Exploring Colorado Wineries would like to be included….YES!!!

Click here to see the segment.

I took several pictures in the newsroom (see below). If you haven’t been in a TV studio, its very interesting and exciting. Years ago they used to have cameramen, now everything is controlled by the producer. The picture that is mostly green is not my poor picture taking, but the infamous “green screen” that the weather person stands in front of as the producer displays the maps, etc. You can also see me on a teleprompter and the display of the book and wines, and of course there is Mitch Jelniker and Bertha Lynn on the set doing the news.

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