Winery Visit – Augustina’s Winery

If you have an hour or so to spare on a Saturday afternoon, stop in at Augustina’s Winery in Boulder. The Tasting Room and winemaking facility is a little tricky to get to…. Address is 4715 N Broadway #B-3. Look for the Self-Storage place on the west side of Broadway and turn west into the driveway right by the nursery warehouse sign. Once there you will be glad you stopped by. Owner and winemaker, Marianne “Gussie” Walter is a one-women shop making some delicious wines.

Many years ago Gussie need a change from working as a geologist and began working for a winery in New Mexico. Realizing she could make good wine herself, she moved back to Boulder and started Augustina’s Winery in 1997. Gussie obtains all her grapes from the Western Slope of Colorado and produces all the wine herself, having organized her facility with equipment that she alone can handle.

She incorporates fun names and bottle labels into her wine, using “WineChick” as the main branding. I tasted her Sauvignon Blanc, which is not something readily available in Colorado wines, and found it very delicious. Her WineChick Pinot Noir was excellent as well. In addition to her Tasting Room, Gussie also sells her wine at several Farmers Markets during the season as well as special events around town and events at Chautauqua.

If you are into biking, Gussie has an Augustina’s bike club that meets on Sunday mornings. She has a great bike jersey (see pictures below) depicting her club and winery. Her overall theme for her winery is explained in this message:

“Dedicated to making wine that goes with backpacking adventures, raucous poker parties, family barbecues, good mystery novels, and gingersnaps”

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