Winery Visit – Maison la Belle Vie

Maison la Belle Vie means House of the Beautiful Life in French, but I also think it could be called Tasting Room with Serenity! Maison la Belle Vie winery is nestled among its vineyards and surrounded by huge trees. There is an exquisite indoor tasting room, but it was the beautiful area outside that drew my attention. Tables and chairs are arranged for enjoying your wine outside, and there is even a 1968 Citroën, which is a 2-horsepower French car (for all you car aficionados).

In addition to the tasting room area, the winery boasts both an indoor and outside facility for parties or to rent. The outside area contains a little pond complete with a fountain, a waterfall and a gazebo. A BBQ area was being built when I was there in May. This area is perfect for the wine tasting dinners and cheese and wine parties hosted by Maison’s owner, John Barbier. The indoor facility is a huge space for parties or weddings.

John is from the Loire Valley in France and produces his delicious wines all by hand, as he believes it is easier to control the wine that way. Of course, he only uses French oak for maturing his wines. He says he is still stomping the grapes with his feet, but I saw an old wine press, so I think he was pulling my leg!! He has hired a man named Cory from Australia as his winemaker. One thing I learned from both of them was what constitutes an ideal grape vine (that is not the stock that comes up from the ground, but the vine that grows horizontally). And that is having 1 hand fit between each vine….too close and the grapes don’t get enough sun and too far apart your yield is not optimal.

Hopefully my pictures below will provide you a visual of the peacefulness I felt as I tasted wine at Maison la Belle Vie.

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