Winery Visit – Talon Winery and St. Kathryn Cellars

If you are looking for an easy-to-find winery where you can sample numerous varieties of wine, look no further. Talon Winery and St. Kathryn Cellars are just off I-70 at Exit #42 in Palisade.

Talon Winery is all about the classics. Owners, Glenn and Natalie Foster devote this production to the standard varietal wines of Merlot, Cab, Riesling and a few blends, using locally grown grapes. St. Kathryn Cellars is just the opposite….more fruit based wines. In fact, their biggest seller is called Sweet Scarlet, which is a Merlot and Blackberry blend. They also have a Lavender wine, which is a blend of Riesling and Lavender (lavender oil infused into the wine) and is a big hit during the Palisade Lavender Fest.

The Fosters began their operation in 2005 in Fruita, but 3 years later realized they needed to expand, so moved their facilities and tasting room to Palisade and purchased St. Kathryn Cellars and Meadery of the Rockies (which I’ll talk about at a later time). Glenn has been around winemaking for years as his father founded and ran Ravenswood Winery in California.

When you are visiting their tasting rooms (St. Kathryn to the right/north and Talon to the left/south side of the building they share) take a minute to read information on Colorado’s wine history. Someone has done an INCREDIBLE job of gathering information and old photographs to tell the story of how wine began in Colorado. Additionally, if you need any wine-related merchandise, both tasting rooms are huge and offer a vast assortment of paraphernalia. And finally, if you have a  sweet tooth (or need to bribe the kids while you are tasting!) they have The Colorado Fudge Factory right in the tasting room where they offer free samples!


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