Bottling Wine – The Process

While I was visiting Colorado Cellars Winery, they were bottling their RoadKill Red, so I had the opportunity to learn the bottling process. Below is a basic explanation. Please see corresponding pictures.

  1. The bottles come upside down in cases.
  2. A person turns them upright and sets them on the bottle line.
  3. The machine vacuums out the air and at the same time puts nitrogen into the bottle.
  4. The bottle is filled with wine from the bottom up (wine is actually sprayed to the outside of the bottle). This allows the carbon dioxide to rise to the top, therefore protecting the wine from oxidation.
  5. The bottle is corked.
  6. The cap is put on and then twisted for secure sealing.
  7. The labels are put on.
  8. The bottle exits the bottling machine and is packed in cases by hand.

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