Winery Visit – Desert Sun Vineyards

Desert Sun Vineyards may be a small winery, but they make delicious wines and should definitely be on your tour list when visiting wineries in the Grand Valley Region.

Back in 1987, owners Doug and Kathryn Hovde bought their property in anticipation of retiring to the Grand Valley area. They were contemplating between raising horses or having an orchard. In 1997 they started the vineyard and began selling their product to other wineries. Three years ago they decided to open up a winery of their own. They have 2 acres of grapes containing 1500 vines of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, which are their Estate-bottled wines. They also produce Riesling and Zinfandel, using grapes from another grower in the Grand Valley.

Their property overlooks the Book Cliff Mountains and is situated in a very quiet and scenic area in the Grand Valley. They have a beautiful one bedroom cottage attached to their tasting room that I said they should rent out…it would be filled constantly! Doug and Kathryn are friendly and welcoming and make your visit a pleasant experience. When you stop by, ask them about their gargoyle tree.

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