Winery Visit – Leroux Creek Vineyards

Ever looking for that perfect place that combines tranquility, incredible views, good food, comfortable accommodations and of course, delicious wine?? Look no further than Leroux Creek Vineyards in Hotchkiss! The view from the patio of its vineyards and the West Elk Mountains is spectacular. Imagine yourself sitting there as owner, Yvon Gros, prepares you one of his “culinary adventures.” Yvon is a superb chef who prepares gourmet meals using primarily local products and pairs his wines to accompany the dinner. He says he’s “a winemaker, a chef, a farmer and a B&B owner.” But he doesn’t do it all alone, his wife Joanna is right by his side.

The building that serves as the tasting room and inn, was originally built as a B&B. Yvon and Joanna chose this 54-acre farm because of the inn as well as the slope of the land, which allows the winter frost to travel to the sides of the vineyard and away from the vines. I’ve learned in my travels that frost is the #1 killer of grape vines.

In 2002 Yvon and Joanna planted 4,000 vines of their signature Cayuga and Chambourcin grapes. Their wines are in the French or Provence-style…kind of obvious since that is where Yvon was born.The wines are designed to be paired with food, and you will find them less fruity and with more structure, complexity and acidity. Leroux Creek uses no chemicals in their wine and uses only enough sulfates to stabilize the wine.

If you think I am exaggerating about Leroux Creek, you don’t have to take my word for it. Tom Huber, a professor at University of Colorado-Boulder, was taken with the area and used this inspiration to write his book¬†An American Provence. In fact his dedicatation includes the “people of the North Fork Valley.”

For the most part, Leroux Creek wines are only sold at their tasting room…guess you will have to take a visit there…and you will be glad you did!

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