Winery Visit – Woody Creek Cellars

Woody Creek Cellars is not your typical winery, nor does it have your typical tasting room, and for owner Kevin Doyle, that’s a good thing! Kevin describes himself as “a hick from Woody Crick” and a “luddite,” a word I had never heard of but means someone who doesn’t use any technology. However he portrays himself, I would describe him as an incredible winemaker. Using his ethos of “leave it alone and less it better,” Kevin is producing some excellent red wines.

For Woody Creek Cellars it is all about the natural approach…hand picking the grapes, using primitive equipment and fermenting in open top vats. Using gravity flow methods, the wine is transferred to French oak barrels where it ages for 30 months, so it can interface and act with the oak. Kevin bottles, corks and labels the wine bottles by hand and then self-distributes. If you take a look at the label (see pictures below) you will see 5 interlocking hands. These represent the philosophy of strength through unity, or as Kevin says “solidarity of the small guys coming together for strength in numbers against the big corporations.”

Woody Creek Cellars’ tasting room is by appointment only, but don’t let that stop you from giving Kevin a call to stop on by. His tasting room, which is also his home, is an eclectic mix of art, furniture and fun kitchen accessories. In fact, when I arrived he was roasting chickens on his newest kitchen appliance! It was difficult to take pictures of everything, but I particularly liked his oak barrel chair and wood carving (see pictures below). The painting that drew my attention was that of the bar at Woody Creek, featuring Hunter S. Thompson. Kevin must have 100 paintings, primarily done by Delta artist, Hillary Glass.

Whether you stop by the tasting room in Cedaredge, visit the tasting room at Palma Cigars on Larimer Street in Denver or purchase a bottle at your neighborhood liquor store, you will be glad you had the opportunity to experience delicious red wines from Woody Creek Cellars.

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