Winery Visit – Vino Salida Wine Cellars

When I was growing up, one of my favorite TV shows was I Love Lucy, and who could forget the episode when she stomps the grapes?? While nowadays most wineries use machines to crush their grapes, Vino Salida Wine Cellars still carries on the tradition of using human feet to crush the grapes for their “Tenderfoot Stomp.”  Unfortunately I mixed up the dates and forgot to tell you about “9th annual Grape Stomp,” which was last weekend…so I suggest you put it on your calendar for September, 2013. The Merlot grapes that were crushed last weekend will be ready for release at the “10th annual Grape Stomp.”

The stomp and all the wines produced by Vino Salida is the vision of owner, Steve Flynn. Steve began his winemaking career at Mountain Spirits Winery, and after 4 years there, decided to create his own wine. Leaving his science and math background, he now relies on the arts and food to handcraft his artisan wines. Steve says, “For the past 3 years I have used more tasting, and create an ‘alcohol soup’ bringing in science to fine-tune the product.”  And he’s done an excellent job of producing dry table wines that complement the cuisine, especially food that is Italian and European inspired.

Steve’s newest venture is meads,  under the name of Bee Vino.  His 3 meads are a semi-sweet Traditional (currently available),  an Oak Mead, which he treats like an “oak driven Chardonnay” and a Sweet Mead (both available soon).  He has utilized the resources of a beer consultant to help with his “Hopped Mead,” available in the near future.

Vino Salida’s “Tasting Parlour” is based on a Victorian theme, since Salida boasts “the largest historic district of Victorian houses in the state of Colorado.”  While I missed telling you about the Grape Stomp, Vino Salida hosts several other events throughout the year. Their Thanksgiving and Christmas food and wine pairing dinners are coming up, so check out the details on their website.

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