Winery Visit – Snowy Peaks Winery

A trip to Rocky Mountain National Park or Estes Park  just isn’t complete without a stop at Snowy Peaks Winery. The winery opened its doors in 2005, pouring samples of other Colorado wines. Today, they still pour for other wineries, but have 20 wines of their own for you to enjoy.  Owners Erik and Candice Mohr, like many winery owners, have a unique story to tell. Part of the story goes….Erik liked wine and had made a few “homemade” wines, so he thought opening up a winery sounded like a good retirement project when that time came (keep in mind Erik is a young guy). Candice on the other hand, didn’t even like wine when they opened up the winery (although that has changed!). After searching high and low for a winery location, they chose Estes Park and began commuting from Ft. Collins to Estes Park daily. Having no money for a down payment, they charged everything on their credit cards…now that takes guts!! When you stop on in at Snowy Peaks, ask for the “full-story” version.

All of Snowy Peak’s grapes are grown in Colorado. While most of their grapes come from Palisade, they also obtain grapes from a rancher in Burlington. Their 20 varieties offer you a broad spectrum of wines – from sweet to dry, white to red and several blends and dessert wines. As Candice says, “we make something for everyone.” As the winemaker, Erik likes to produce blends using non-traditional grapes such as Mourvedre and Cinsault (pronounced SAN soh). He says, “by blending grapes you can keep your costs down, while still creating a great and balanced wine.”

Candice oversee all the non-winemaking aspects of Snowy Peaks, and she has done an incredible job of offering  a large variety of Colorado products in the tasting room. As you can see from the pictures below, you can purchase items such as jams, chocolates, cheese, sausage, etc. etc. etc. as well as wine-related merchandise. She has even put together a virtual tour where you can watch Snowy Peaks’ grapes go from vineyard to bottle. Don’t worry about bringing kids into the tasting room, Candice has created a “No Wine-ing Zone” playroom for kids, that will keep them happy and busy for hours!

The best way to finish your day in Rocky Mountain National Park is to stop at Snowy Peaks Winery…its easy to find on Moraine Avenue, right  in downtown Estes Park.



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