Winery Visit – Water2Wine-Centennial

Its the old question of “how does one buy a winery?” The joke is if you want to make $1 million operating a winery you start with $2 million!” In the case of the Sample family, they were purchasing bottles of wine thinking that their favorite winery was about to close its doors. After enjoying a few glasses of wine one of the family members came up with the idea of buying the winery themselves, and well, the rest is history. The family is comprised of Chip and Deb (mom and dad), their four children (Melissa, Jessica, Scott and Elizabeth) and their significant others (Kevin, Jason and Josh). Everyone helps out including a few grandkids, but its Josh that acts as general manager and Chip is there full-time. Having taken over Water2Wine-Centennial, the family couldn’t be happier!

Water2Wine is a franchised operation that acts as an independent corporation. Their grapes are sourced from 14 different countries and 2 USA states – California and Washington.  The “grapes” come as grape juice and Water2Wine then begins the fermentation process in 6 gallon batches. After 1.5 months and a variety of steps the wine is ready for bottling. The wines are processed to be drunk within 3 years because only a minimal amount of sulfites is added to the wine. Water2Wine boasts lower sulfites in their wine as well as no histamines. Currently they offer ~90 different wines and soon are hoping to have that number closer to 100. Their wines include whites, reds, regular and flavored port-style wines and ice-style wines.

One of the cool things about Water2Wine is that you can make your own wine there! Spouses, families, organizations and about-to-be-marrieds find this a great idea as they can make their own custom label for their own wine, plus be able to learn the entire process of making wine. From your own 6 gallon carboy you get 28 bottles, and the cost ranges from $240-$480 total. You can also just make your own custom label and place it on one of Water2Wine’s bottles (or a case!). This is another great idea for gifts, weddings and for businesses to give to their clients.

In addition to the winery, the tasting room is available for special events. During regular business hours there is no charge to use the facility for your meetings, events, etc. For after hours events there is a small charge. Water2Wine also has several regularly scheduled and special events. “Grapes and Graffiti” involves drinking wine while painting on canvas or a wine glass. Executive sommelier Lauryn offers wine and food pairing classes and 1 Wednesday per month is their “Uncork & Unwine” event.  They are currently toying with the idea of a “Dance Night” with instructional dancing and wine sampling.

Water2Wine is a great place to stop on by for wine tasting or one of their events!


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