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Who says Colorado doesn’t make incredible wine!!

I just sampled one of the most delicious wines I have ever tasted! My daughter and I spent a few days touring around the Grand Valley’s wineries…a special mother/daughter weekend as she is now 21 and wants to learn more about wine….guess I did something correct in my parenting!

One of our winery stops was at DeBeque Canyon Winery located in downtown Palisade. Bennett Price is the owner (along with his wife Davy) and winemaker. Bennett’s talents not only encompass his winemaking skills but he has planted more vineyards and grapevines in the state of Colorado than any other person I know. Click here for a link to his accolades and his story – it is very interesting as he is one of Colorado’s pioneers of the present-day wine industry.

But back to the wine!! There we are tasting his wines when he tells us the story of “BLT” and pours us a sample. It seems back in 2005 Bennett made a Pinot Noir varietal and decided to hold back 4 barrels. He wanted to see what would be the effects of further aging the wine in French oak. Somehow the barrels got lost in the shuffle and it wasn’t until recently that he found them and was convinced to open up a barrel and give the wine a try. To Bennett’s delight he discovered a delicious dinner wine! His grandson, Levi, called it “Bennett’s Lost Treasure” and that is why the name “BLT.”

You won’t be able to find this wine at the liquor store, so make a stop at DeBeque Canyon Winery and try a sample….you will then say: Colorado DOES make incredible wine!

Bennett Price

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