My Incredible Wine Weekend!!

What an incredible “wine weekend” I just experienced!! It all centered around the Grand Valley Winery Association’s Barreling into Spring event. This annual happening is held in April and repeats again in May. Unfortunately tickets for 2016 are sold out, so mark your calendars for 2017. A piece of advice….purchase your tickets early!! The weekend includes unlimited tastings at 7 wineries and tons of food paired with the wineries’ wines. What is really special about the event is the opportunity to talk with the winery owners/winemakers as well as sample wine right out of the barrel, hence the name of the event.

The 7 wineries that encompass the Grand Valley Winery Association are Carlson, DeBeque Canyon, Garfield Estates, Grande River, Graystone, Plum Creek, and Two Rivers. Click on their name for a link to each winery’s website.

I had the privilege of being at DeBeque Canyon Winery for the weekend selling my book – Exploring Colorado Wineries. For many years DeBeque was located on Kluge Street in downtown Palisade, but 2 weeks ago moved their tasting room and production facility to 351 West 8th Street (aka Hwy 6 or G Road) in Palisade. This new facility, housed in a former restaurant, offers them a much larger tasting room (see pictures below). The production facility is currently under construction and will be located right next door.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about DeBeque’s owners….Davy and Bennett Price and their daughter, Theresa, as well as the tasting room staff. In my opinion and not to offend anyone, Bennett knows more about growing grapes and making wine than anyone else in our state…plus he’s a really nice man! He was part of the original group that created Rocky Mountain Vineyards back in 1978, which helped launch Colorado’s present day wine industry. He has helped numerous other grape growers plant vines and has provided helpful insights and information to new wineries.

As we all know, visiting Palisade / the Grand Valley is a fun experience, and it is convenient that the 27 wineries are in close proximity to each other. I love driving into the valley and seeing all the vineyards and fruit trees as well as the beautiful Book Cliff Mountains. Plan a weekend get-a-way to the area soon….you will be glad you did!!

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