Stoney Mesa Winery – Winery of the Year

People are always asking me, “Paula, how do Colorado wines compare to wines from other states and Europe?” And my answer is that Colorado wines are winning both national and international awards, competing against the best of the best. I think many people have the mistaken notion that only wines produced in the western USA and Europe are high quality wines. In my opinion and with all the awards Colorado wineries are winning, that is far from the truth!! If you peruse Colorado wineries’ websites you will see them mentioning their award winning wines. And if you visit a tasting room, you will see all the wine bottles sporting medals.

I would like to acknowledge Stoney Mesa Winery, located in Cedaredge, who won “Colorado Winery of the Year.” Bret Neal is the man behind Stoney Mesa and is the owner, farmer, winemaker, and all-around jack-of-all-trades. The winery is one of the oldest in Colorado, beginning in 1990. The vineyard grows a variety of grapes, with Riesling being the majority. Click Here to link to an article written by the Delta Independent about the winery and the award.

If you haven’t visited the West Elks area in a while, I suggest a road trip soon!! This area and the Grand Valley are Colorado’s two AVA areas (American Viticultural Areas) and grow the majority of grapes and fruit used in Colorado’s wine production. The West Elks has 19 wineries located throughout Paonia, Hotchkiss, Cedaredge and Olathe. Most close their tasting rooms over the winter, so get your road trip planned before November….might I suggest “leaf peeping and wine tasting???”

Congratulations to Bret Neal and Stoney Mesa Winery for winning Colorado Winery of the Year and for producing delicious wines to represent Colorado’s wine industry!!

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